8 comments on “First Ever Blog

  1. Welcome to blogging! 🙂 My blog is just turning two months old, and it was daunting at first, but fun too. I really like this painting. Very relaxing and I love the levels in it and the textures.

  2. aloha Nikki – one of the things I like about blogging (among a number of things) is that you can do it your own way …well… for the most part. so… have fun.

    one of the things I like about the way you paint (among a number of things) is that you allow the paint to be and look like paint while going after your image – cool on that.

    the texture of paint also appeals to me.

    …one more thing I like is that you work from a combination that I see as being within yourself – your memory, feeling, experiencing of light – and from the world around you too – the imagery you select to explore through your self as (what I might call) filter. very cool on that. …and fun too. aloha

    • Thank you so very much for your kind words Rick and for following me. I love a lot of your work, I find it to be free and original and thought provoking but also pleasing to the eye. I also like the syle you draw in. Oh and lucky you, living in Hawaii, I’ve always wanted to go there (probably due to watching to much “Hawaii Five O”, as a kid!!).

      • ha. aloha Nikki – yeah, lucky to live Hawaii (a common saying here). people either really like it here – or the really dont like it here. i like it here. yeah, it’s fun to spot places you know in things like Hawaii Five O or movies etc. filmed here.

        it’ll be cool to watch where you go with your blogging. mine takes any direction i am drawn to in my art. that may be a bit unorthodox but i have fun going where i want to be – i like that. and that way… i’m always having fun. – aloha.

    • Thanks so much for your kind comments Terry, this current work is a new journey for me and its lovely to get encouraging feedback!! I am also very impressed with your work, there seems to me to be loads of photos out there which are competent but don’t really offer anything new. Yours however are hauntingly atmospheric, really original and really touch me!!

  3. Hi Nikki,

    good luck with your blog and much success to you!
    Enjoy the ride to meet some awesome people, learn, share and expand your community 🙂

    It’s been unbelievably great how many interesting people I have met online (and later even in person), how many fabulous discussions I got involved in and how much I have learned -my blog is a year old now and I still enjoy it (and I’ve sold some of my pieces online too, yay!).

    So all the best and I hope to see you around,

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

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