3 comments on “Grey Days

    • Thanks for your comment, Katie. Its odd to an English person, someone wanting grey, what’s normal weather for Santa Fe? My brother moved to Spain to get away from “the grey of England”. Having said that I love some greys, eg. if there is some variation in the hues or if there are huge ominous grey billowing clouds, that create a dramatic light . But this type of gey is dull and uniform, it flattens everything and therefore no inspiration for painting!!

      • Santa Fe is mostly sunny here. It’s High Desert, so dry too, and not much rain at all. I grew up around Washington, DC, so i miss so much grey days with rain. I agree though, totally overcast days are horrible for painting, and I don’t particularly like them for photography either. I like contrasts and shadows, and really overcast gives boring, flat light. When I’m out looking for things to shoot, my eye notices what the sun highlights, so cloudy days aren’t good. I like shooting interiors of houses on days like that though. 🙂

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